Who are we?

We are car wash people. We are you.

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

Wayne Dyer, The father of motivation

Our History

With a combined 20 years of work in the car wash industry, it was clear that there was a deficit in proper operations management software. Every car wash feels the pressure of a shut-down free operation, but how can that be achieved without proper knowledge of our equipment? Our owners found the solution to many problems with one suite of products.

We started with equipment, maintenance and repairs. Equipment is sold with some standard maintenance practice, but not at the caliber necessary for a shut-down free operation. In addition to the lack of proper maintenance, many facilities lack a good method of tracking maintenance.

Then we considered repairs. Repairs happen regularly, but are frequently not tracked and discussed, as they should be. Perhaps, one piece of equipment has been fixed three times in the last six months, but lack of tracking has kept us from catching this consistent repair need.

The Problem

Parts are constantly used, but do stores properly track their cost and allocation of these resources? Loss prevention can be a real problem in the Car Wash industry because so many of the products are difficult and time consuming to track.

Working in the industry brought the need for maintenance, inventory and repair tracking to life, but how can we successfully track it all, and provide helpful data? Years of work in computer programing and experience in the logistics field brought the answer.

Maintenance, Repairs and Inventory got the ball rolling, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for Car Wash AI. Every day, this industry is evolving, and Car Wash AI is prepared to evolve with you.

"I was hesitant at first to try something new, but Car Wash Ai exceeded my expectations"

- Kyle Sayed

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